Table 2.

Effect of chronic WA stress vs. acute WA stress on the response of rats to open-field exposure: mean difference from baseline

GroomingForward LocomotionRearingStationary ActivityImmobility
Acute WA−1.0±1.0−6.14±3.12−20.86±6.4525.14±5.302.7±3.67
Chronic WA0.41±0.7−15.0±4.15−0.01±3.02*10.84±2.6*3.76±2.38
  • Data are means ± SE in percent, n = 8 rats. Percent time for each category of behavior during minute 5 of the open field test was calculated after acute WA or chronic WA exposure. Data are expressed as the difference in behavior from baseline (poststress behavior − baseline behavior). Following chronic WA stress, rats exhibited significantly less change in behaviors (rearing and stationary activity,

  • * P < 0.05, Student’s t-test) compared with postacute WA response.